December 16, 2012

Emma's Story - Why

I have wanted to write this earlier, and the time has never been there, and now that I sit here to do it, I am struggling to figure out where to start and my mind feels fuzzy. This was a very blessed and spiritual experience and my hope is to share it in a way that whomever reads this, they will feel the spirit and gain a deeper testimony of Christ.

I have long wanted to do a natural birth, especially one at home. A nurse asked me why I chose to do this one natural when my other 3 I had epidurals. It was kind of an awkward moment, because the truth of the matter is - different husband. I was told previously by Mike, that he would never watch me go through such pain as I was in with Savannah because the epidural had worn off. He said I could do whatever I wanted naturally and holistically but that is where he drew the line. So I didn't have the support I would need to go through the process. I don't hold any negative feelings about this, I respected and still respect the request he made.

I now have a husband that is in full support of the things I choose to do, and it is his choice to do them with me. We are on the same page and it is a wonderful thing. I am so very grateful for the connection we have - before the birth of this sweet angel, and how much stronger it is having that experience together.

I was directed by some friends to a book called Christ Centered Childbirth. It brought a whole new meaning and desire to "natural" childbirth for me. Where as before I wanted to do it naturally because I wanted to avoid medicines filling mine and the baby's body, now I wanted this experience to come closer to my Savior and have Him be an active part of what I now believe to be a first ordinance in this life.

The book was really good, it had a lot of evangelical tone to it, but overall I learned so much and am so grateful for the new outlook on giving birth, and what a spiritual event it really is.

Through this I learned and gained a greater testimony of the Atonement, and just how healing, saving and infinite it really is. It is the Atonement that allows us to release fear and to have faith. Fear is what creates pain - physically to spiritually. In child labor and delivery we can use the atonement to release the fears we have about it and what has been created by society on the subject, and allow ourselves to have faith and relax.

My sister Julia delivered her son just 2 months ago using the same outlook and "technique" of using the Atonement, and she was able to do so as she calls it, painless.

October 31, 2012

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!

We got dressed up and headed to the trunk-or-treat and then went to a neighborhood to go to the houses. This is the first time they have ever gone to houses except one time to a couple of my parents neighbors, but I think then it was only Savannah. My poor kids! They loved it, and by the end of the street I think they got the concept. When we were kids we were racing to the next house, but these guys took their sweet time haha, they are so cute!

I had fun with their costumes, I am old fashioned and like them as homemade as possible, or pieces put together. I LOVE using sweats. So they use them once for their costume, but then they keep them to wear for jammies for the rest of the year. That way accessories are there to fit anyone of any size and they get new sweats and jammies every year!

My monsters :) Ready for the Trunk Or Treat then off to some houses! Mom painted the skeleton costume a few years ago and it is probably my most favorite costume!

Getting some goodies

She was the perfect Vampire - totally fits her nature :)

Ahoy there Matey! Super cute pirate if I say so myself :)

Purple Fairy Princess - pretty much sums this little one up. I wanted her to have purple hair, but she was set on red. Ended up pretty cute!

Like Father Like Son - gotta love them beards!

Honestly there are days that I feel like this is what I look like, not just on Halloween! haha

Baby E's first halloween - gotta love it! Isn't my mom so talented?!

Painting Pumpkins

Jessa's Bat

Savannah's finished pumpkin

Jessa's pumpkin

Dechlin's pumpkin

My little cuties :)
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35 weeks!!!

So here we are at 35 weeks! I had my hemoglobin test done at my last appointment, 2 weeks ago. I always come up a little low on iron, but I don't worry too much about it. I am glad they didn't either, I didn't want to take iron pills :)

I am 41.5 inches around my waist and am now at a 25 pound weight gain. Doing pretty good I believe! Especially because I didn't gain anything in the last 2 weeks, and have been eating goodies like crazy! I had most of a batch of shortbread cookies to myself, along with other cookies, chocolate chips, pie crust cookies and more. A treat every night - oh yeah, Aunt Marianne's gooey popcorn, yes I ate most of a full recipe! But I am still in pre-pregnant pants and so that is ok with me!

My hips were doing good for a while, I wasn't using the Tap Pack of essential oils every night for a while, but it started to get uncomfortable again, so I started using them and am relieved of discomfort and am sleeping all night. I am SO eternally grateful for the gift of oils and the knowledge that God has given me about them - otherwise I would be a pretty miserable person, not just during pregnancy either :)

I have our birth preferences, that I am really excited about and going to past here. The midwives are very supportive of it, the only concern is my desire to not have a heplock ( the thing they put in just in case you need an iv) So I am really excited!!

Birth Plan for ___Kerissa and Stephen Taylor____________________________________
My Primary Caregiver:_Montrose Midwives_______ My Due Date:____December 5th 2012_____________
Support People:__ Stephen, Lauri Wiseman (mom), Doris Taylor (mom) and Breanne Ackerman (doula)___________________
Birth location:____Montrose Memorial Hospital___

Important issues and desires:
We are committing this to be a Christ-centered birth. We will be dedicating our efforts to that effect and will use affirmations and prayers during the labor. Attending medical staff does not have to participate, but if someone knows he or she will be uncomfortable with those proceedings it might be better, if possible, to have a different individual assigned to the room. It is also our goal to have this be a natural birth.
First stage of labor preferences:
Controlling pain: We would like this to be an active birth. We plan to use positions such as supported swaying, squatting, kneeling, etc., with as much freedom of movement as possible to help manage pain. We will also be using massages and essential oils and hot compresses to help encourage natural hormone pain relief.
We would like to use the bath if it is available, and will also bring a birth ball.

Medical interactions and interventions: Because our goal is a natural birth, we do not want to use a heplock, and would ask for minimal use of the fetal monitor and vaginal exams. We feel that limited staff check-ups would help our concentration. We do not want to use other medications for pain regulation. If there is a medical necessity we would like to be informed what our choices are before any actions are taken. If I am in intense labor, please speak first with Stephen, Lauri, or Breanne and they will discuss issues with me.
Second stage preferences:
Positioning: We would like to be able to take the position that feels most natural. My preference is a position that will use gravity to help the baby descend, such as squatting or kneeling.
Pushing efforts: When it comes time to push, in whatever position I am in, I would like to use physiological pushing.
Unexpected labor events: If a serious concern about the baby’s health or life arises we are more than willing to discuss needs with medical staff and make decisions accordingly.
Birth: We would like Stephen to catch the baby, and that the first voices he/she hears to be mostly ours. We ask that the baby be placed on my chest as soon after birth as possible, and that the umbilical cord not be cut until the pulse slows or stops. For the release of the placenta, I would like to use massage and oils to encourage its release.
Postpartum: We would like to nurse within the first hour. We would like limited guests, and ask that Stephen approve them. We will continue to use oils as our main pain relief. Baby is NOT to receive antibiotic eye drops, vitamin K shot or any vaccinations. Stephen or Kerissa will always be in attendance with the baby during the stay at the hospital.

October 27, 2012

Boy's Day out

Stephen and Dechlin had a "Boy Day" They went to Grandma and Grandpa Taylor's to pick up the 4Runner they are going to fix for a commuter vehicle for Stephen, so we don't put more wear and tear on Brutis than needed :)

Little boy fell asleep on the way home..... They left about 8 in the morning haha

Back with the 4Runner - Dechlin LOVES working with dad :)

Stephen's other project fun truck. This was his Grandpa's truck that he used for a drilling business. When he passed away, Stephen was able to buy it. This is the one we brought home in July from California. He took the tower off and plans on making it into a dump bed - which will be SO cool!!
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October 22, 2012

Dog House

On our list of many things to have done before Winter, building a dog house/shelter was one of them. I was thinking something enough that they could fit in, but it was Stephen's project and he was the designer. I have to say, as simple and basic as it is, it is probably the coolest dog house ever. We made it for the cost of screws - $12.00, because we got all the wood free from his work. SO awesome!!

The beginning of the frame

He has really good helpers

Finishing touches

A place to all home :)

Goofy puppies
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October 20, 2012

End of Season

Soccer was a lot of fun for Decho this year. I am glad it was as short as it was, cuase he was getting bored LOL and didn't want to go anymore :) These are pics of his last game -


His biggest fans :)

He LOVED to play goalie and defense and was REALLY good at it!

His awesome coach got all the kid's on the team trophies :)
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October 18, 2012

HomeSchool - 1st Qrtr

We have loved doing home school SO much! I am so grateful to my mentor and sister Elisa, for taking me on her journey of the last 10 years. She has shared with me, taught me and inspired me to do what I feel is invaluable for my kids :) Her trials and learning's shortened my learning curve in doing this so that it has been an awesome experience and one I think will continue to be so as I develop with my kids. Life couldn't be any better! We follow the Thomas Jefferson Method - creating leaders and statesman :)


Our "school" area. 

Savannah making pizza dough - by herself, kneading and all!

Dechlin chopping the veggies

The final product :)

Dechlin writing his name by himself - only took a few times for him to get!

Dad painting with the kids

Dechlin's soccer was a part of his schooling - PE :)

Building a dog house

Painting pumpkis

Making Halloween Decorations

Using imagination! I love how Dechlin's mind works. This is his city he built. He had made "chimney's" for all the houses by placing bits of charcoal on the roofs. SO creative!


 Dechlin writing all the letters he knows - he has taught them all to himself, by himself! I am so impressed with this kid!
 Dechlin's painting from when they painted with Dad - Next Picaso?
A journal page entry. He draws a picture and then tells me about it. I love this one. This is how he sees himself when he is yelling :)
 Some of Dechlin's copy work. He is not real interested in learning letters and things like that, he just wants to write. So I write something for him and he does his best to copy it. I have to say, this principle is so awesome!

Dechlin has been teaching himself how to tell time, and gets the concept of 20's, 30's and so on really well. He also has taught himself the phonics of letters, and not only recognizes them at the beginning of a word, but he pays attention to what is in the whole word and tells me what letters are in it. He even wrote his cousin Kimmy's name by himself by sounding it out when we were at General Conference. He wrote it, Kimperly - I was SO impressed with him!


 Savannah's painting when they painted with Dad
Savannah taught herself cursive in a matter of a week and a half. I have to say she does a pretty darn good job!!
 Some more writing practice.....
A page of Math. We are using Life of Fred math for Savannah. She likes it but is really into her reading and writing right now. Which is why I love doing school this way - THEY are in charge of their education and get to choose. And when they choose, they jump all the way in and soak it up like a dry sponge. 
 A journal page in her writing journal. She writes paragraphs about things she is learning and reading, then I correct them and she writes a final draft. This is from one of the chapters in the Little House in the Big Woods book we read.

We go every other week to a home school group called a Statesmanship club. Savannah is in the Liberty Girls group and I am over that. We are reading the Little House on the Prairie Series and we do activities based on what we are reading. It is a LOT of fun!
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