October 31, 2012

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!

We got dressed up and headed to the trunk-or-treat and then went to a neighborhood to go to the houses. This is the first time they have ever gone to houses except one time to a couple of my parents neighbors, but I think then it was only Savannah. My poor kids! They loved it, and by the end of the street I think they got the concept. When we were kids we were racing to the next house, but these guys took their sweet time haha, they are so cute!

I had fun with their costumes, I am old fashioned and like them as homemade as possible, or pieces put together. I LOVE using sweats. So they use them once for their costume, but then they keep them to wear for jammies for the rest of the year. That way accessories are there to fit anyone of any size and they get new sweats and jammies every year!

My monsters :) Ready for the Trunk Or Treat then off to some houses! Mom painted the skeleton costume a few years ago and it is probably my most favorite costume!

Getting some goodies

She was the perfect Vampire - totally fits her nature :)

Ahoy there Matey! Super cute pirate if I say so myself :)

Purple Fairy Princess - pretty much sums this little one up. I wanted her to have purple hair, but she was set on red. Ended up pretty cute!

Like Father Like Son - gotta love them beards!

Honestly there are days that I feel like this is what I look like, not just on Halloween! haha

Baby E's first halloween - gotta love it! Isn't my mom so talented?!

Painting Pumpkins

Jessa's Bat

Savannah's finished pumpkin

Jessa's pumpkin

Dechlin's pumpkin

My little cuties :)
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