October 31, 2012

35 weeks!!!

So here we are at 35 weeks! I had my hemoglobin test done at my last appointment, 2 weeks ago. I always come up a little low on iron, but I don't worry too much about it. I am glad they didn't either, I didn't want to take iron pills :)

I am 41.5 inches around my waist and am now at a 25 pound weight gain. Doing pretty good I believe! Especially because I didn't gain anything in the last 2 weeks, and have been eating goodies like crazy! I had most of a batch of shortbread cookies to myself, along with other cookies, chocolate chips, pie crust cookies and more. A treat every night - oh yeah, Aunt Marianne's gooey popcorn, yes I ate most of a full recipe! But I am still in pre-pregnant pants and so that is ok with me!

My hips were doing good for a while, I wasn't using the Tap Pack of essential oils every night for a while, but it started to get uncomfortable again, so I started using them and am relieved of discomfort and am sleeping all night. I am SO eternally grateful for the gift of oils and the knowledge that God has given me about them - otherwise I would be a pretty miserable person, not just during pregnancy either :)

I have our birth preferences, that I am really excited about and going to past here. The midwives are very supportive of it, the only concern is my desire to not have a heplock ( the thing they put in just in case you need an iv) So I am really excited!!

Birth Plan for ___Kerissa and Stephen Taylor____________________________________
My Primary Caregiver:_Montrose Midwives_______ My Due Date:____December 5th 2012_____________
Support People:__ Stephen, Lauri Wiseman (mom), Doris Taylor (mom) and Breanne Ackerman (doula)___________________
Birth location:____Montrose Memorial Hospital___

Important issues and desires:
We are committing this to be a Christ-centered birth. We will be dedicating our efforts to that effect and will use affirmations and prayers during the labor. Attending medical staff does not have to participate, but if someone knows he or she will be uncomfortable with those proceedings it might be better, if possible, to have a different individual assigned to the room. It is also our goal to have this be a natural birth.
First stage of labor preferences:
Controlling pain: We would like this to be an active birth. We plan to use positions such as supported swaying, squatting, kneeling, etc., with as much freedom of movement as possible to help manage pain. We will also be using massages and essential oils and hot compresses to help encourage natural hormone pain relief.
We would like to use the bath if it is available, and will also bring a birth ball.

Medical interactions and interventions: Because our goal is a natural birth, we do not want to use a heplock, and would ask for minimal use of the fetal monitor and vaginal exams. We feel that limited staff check-ups would help our concentration. We do not want to use other medications for pain regulation. If there is a medical necessity we would like to be informed what our choices are before any actions are taken. If I am in intense labor, please speak first with Stephen, Lauri, or Breanne and they will discuss issues with me.
Second stage preferences:
Positioning: We would like to be able to take the position that feels most natural. My preference is a position that will use gravity to help the baby descend, such as squatting or kneeling.
Pushing efforts: When it comes time to push, in whatever position I am in, I would like to use physiological pushing.
Unexpected labor events: If a serious concern about the baby’s health or life arises we are more than willing to discuss needs with medical staff and make decisions accordingly.
Birth: We would like Stephen to catch the baby, and that the first voices he/she hears to be mostly ours. We ask that the baby be placed on my chest as soon after birth as possible, and that the umbilical cord not be cut until the pulse slows or stops. For the release of the placenta, I would like to use massage and oils to encourage its release.
Postpartum: We would like to nurse within the first hour. We would like limited guests, and ask that Stephen approve them. We will continue to use oils as our main pain relief. Baby is NOT to receive antibiotic eye drops, vitamin K shot or any vaccinations. Stephen or Kerissa will always be in attendance with the baby during the stay at the hospital.

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